Nina is not ok…, but who is?!

“Nina does not have a drinking problem. She likes a drink, sure. But what 17-year-old doesn’t?”

Frankly I never heard of the book, and even of the auther. However I am glad, I came across this novel.

In my life I’ve never had encounter with someone with drinking problem, I have only heard stories and watched movies/series and even though I realise this is a serious issue, I can not really understand it. I can not figure out what stands behind your wish to drink so much, even though I feel like it starts as a way to get out of the reality that became too hard to handle.

The book itself explains, in my opinion, what the emotions are and what you go through when under the influence of alcohol. And because of my wild imagination and the help of the scences that have been described so well, I imagined it way too colorful.

* Nina’s father was an alcoholic. Her childhood was chaotic – one moment he was good and happy and the next – he was screeming. After his passing away, eventually her mother, who was always holding it all together, met and later on married the good and quite Alan, who brought peace into her life. Nina is also trying to get over the break-up with her boyfriend Jamie that came out of the blue for her. So drinking seemed to help her forget about it all, at least for a while.
After her family went to Germany, where her step-father got a job and Nina decided to stay back and live with her friend and her father, her drinking became even worse. At some point her mother had to come back, in order to figure out a plan to save her daughter. So she does it – she saves her. And Nina starts with rehab and then goes to AA-meetings, where “For the first time I’m with people who have boozed in a way that normal drinkers don’t undertand. Those who say getting wasted is a ‘rite of passage’don’t get it. We are not ‘hard-core’. We are not ‘party animals’. We are ill.”

It is a battle, it is a one day at a time type of thing, but she gets through, she figures out a way to be herself and beat her demons. And don’t we all have something in ourselves to beat, something to get over in order to continue and become what we want to be?!

The book, even though picturesque, is funny and honest about the thoughts of a teen, going through alcolism.

And it also gives you hope, as it shows that there are good people, who are there for you, trying to help, eben though you feel like you don’t desirve it.

Try this book, think about it and try to accept yourself with your flows, because you are all you need and you can conquer everything!

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