Orange Peel Jam

Orange Peel Jam

Orange Peel Jam

The recipe for orange peel jam is so much easier than I have ever thought it might be. And as I have so much time on my hands, working from home during this quarantine and trying to eat a lot of fruits, I thought I made as well try this on out.

When you peel your orange, try not to break the skin. The most popular way to cut it for this jam is on stripes, however I did small cubes. If you cut it into stripes, it will be quite useful to string them, so that they don’t move and have a nice shape afterwards. Put the peels in a bowl with cold water. They could stay there for the next 3-4 days, allowing you to add more orange peels, but you have to change the water every day. 

When you decide to prepare the jam, you have to again pour fresh water into the bowl and put it on the stove for the water to boil. Let it boil for 15 min. Change the water like this 3-4 times like this, until the peels have soften and loose their tingling. After

After that remove the water and put the peels in a tray and pour sugar on top of them. The sugar should be 1.5 times more then the weight of the peels. Again boil the mixture until it gets thick and by removing it from the stove add 1 tea spoon salt of lemon for each kg sugar.

Pour into jar and enjoy. It is quite tasty.

*I actually put less sugar in, because I do not like, when it is extremely sweet.

Have a good day =)

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