Who are The Nowhere Girls?

Who are The Nowhere Girls?

The book describes three girls that totally do not fit in the cliques at their school who want to figure out the story behind the rape of a fellow student. It shows the changes that start happening around the school after they start their own, anonymous “clique”.

But who are The Nowhere Girls? They are Every Girl. But they start as just three girls – Grace Salter, Rosina Suarez and Erin Delillo. Three completely different girls, having their everyday private struggles who figured out how to live together and accept each other and even help each other.

Grace finds out about Lucy Moynihan when she moves in her old house in Prescott with her family that was left because Lucy accused the popular guys at school of gang rape. No one could fully accept or believe her story. The three girls show different reasons to want to figure out the truth behind Lucy’s story and form an anonymous group of girls to resist the sexist culture around them and to help and support each other during this “journey”.

The author, Amy Reed, managed to paint the pictures so lively, as if you were there and looking at it all up close. Considering the story, I could not set the book aside, I wanted to see what happens next. Brutally honest! (I will definitely check  other book by her.)

And even though the story is quite hard, the BEST message is hidden behind it – you can accomplish anything, if you support each other, if you are going in the same direction, if you have one goal to follow.

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